Coronavirus Second Wave Breaking News

Coronavirus Second Wave Breaking News

There’s been a lot of talk about the potential coronavirus second wave and when we can expect this one to hit. Well, while the world is working together, struggling to defeat the new virus, and vaccines, along with viable treatments are in the works, news about the coronavirus second wave emerges. 

The Guardian reported that the COVID-19 pandemic is currently unfolding in one big wave with no clear evidence that the virus follows seasons variations that are common to influenza and more coronavirus such as the common cold, says the WHO. 

There are still massive debates around a second wave, a resurgence or a seasonal return of the disease, and WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris insists that all these discussions are not a helpful way to understand the spread of this terrible disease that managed to change our everyday lives, probably for good.

“It’s going to be one big wave” 

“People are still thinking about seasons. What we all need to get our heads around is this is a new virus and this one is behaving differently,” Harris said during a virtual briefing in Geneva.

The expert urged massive vigilance in applying measures that have to ability to slow transmission – this transmission appears to be accelerated by mass gatherings.

She also made sure to warn against thinking in terms of virus waves, saying: “It’s going to be one big wave. It’s going to go up and down a bit. The best thing is to flatten it and turn it into just something lapping at your feet.”

A coronavirus vaccine is underway 

Moderna has been making lots of headlines lately due to the vaccine that they’re getting ready by the end of 2020. It’s also essential to mention the fact that the tests have reportedly entered the final phase.

Earlier today, it’s been also reported that the FDA could issue emergency use authorization for the vaccine.


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