Coronavirus Pandemic Affects The Environment – NASA Research

Coronavirus Pandemic Affects The Environment – NASA Research

The coronavirus pandemic managed to destroy hopes and dreams for most people around the globe. The new virus continues to make victims all over the world and reality as we used to know it will probably never be the same again.

Our lives are now governed by fears and uncertainty about tomorrow and no one really knows exactly when this will change and when or if our lives will ever get back to the way they used to be. For the people who lost their loved one to the virus, things will definitely never be the same again.

While the world is waiting for a viable vaccine against the novel coronavirus, people are also hanging on to the idea of some good treatments. These are also effective in our battle with the new virus that managed to change our lives probably for good.

It’s been revealed that there’s some great news in the pipeline for those eagerly waiting for it: new treatments to reach us in a few days.

Coronavirus affects the environment 

The pandemic has been affecting a lot of aspects of human life and in recent months, NASA has been trying to research it all. The space agency has initiated all kinds of projects that are focused on the human response to the pandemic and how this affected our environment – such as the fact that the air quality improved.

The tentacles of this pandemic are extending beyond this. “How have production disruptions affected agriculture and food supply? What about our ability to forecast water availability in the coming months? How do changes in activity levels affect environmental conditions?” NASA writes.

It’s been just revealed that “NASA’s Earth Science Division recently selected three new projects that aim to answer these and other pandemic-related questions for Rapid Response and Novel Research (RRNES) awards. RRNES is funding quick-turnaround projects that make innovative use of the agency’s resources and data to better understand regional-to-global environmental, economic, and societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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