Coronavirus Controversy: Japan Has A Mysteriously Low Death Rate – What’s Going On?

Coronavirus Controversy: Japan Has A Mysteriously Low Death Rate – What’s Going On?

Coronavirus has been making victims all over the world, and unfortunately, according to the experts, we’re nowhere near the end of this nightmare as cases continue to surge.

On the other hand, BBC’s latest post is addressing something pretty interesting – why haven’t more people in Japan died from the virus – this is the gloomy question that seems to be on people’s lips and managed to spark various theories about the reasons for which this might be happening.

Japan’s death rate controversy 

An important issue that’s worth mentioning is that Japan does not have the lowest death rate for Covid-19 in the region, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam – these areas all have lower mortality.

But at the beginning of 2020, Japan was able to note fewer deaths than average.

This happened despite the fact that in April, Tokyo noted about 1,000 “excess deaths’ – it was believed that these were mainly due to Covi-19.

BBC notes that for the year as a whole, “it is possible that overall deaths will be down on 2019.”

This came as a shock for a lot of people especially because Japan has a lot of conditions that are making it vulnerable fo the disease, and they have never adopted an energetic approach in order to tame the virus just like some of the country’s neighbors.

What’s special about Japan?

BBC continued and revealed that the Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, said that all of this is due to the “superior quality” of Japanese people – this is a pretty outrageous claim, according to some experts. 

Aso said he had been asked by more leaders of other countries to explain what japan did to be so successful in the fight against the novel coronavirus. 

“I told these people: ‘Between your country and our country, mindo (the level of people) is different.’ And that made them speechless and quiet.”

We recommend that you check out the original article in order to learn more details and assumptions about the issue. 

In other related news, it’s important to note that there’s also good news about the coronavirus out there – it’s been recently revealed that the danger of coronavirus could pass soon, according to the latest reports, even without vaccines. 

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