Coronavirus Breakthrough: Critically Ill Patients, Quickly Recover Following This Treatment

Coronavirus Breakthrough: Critically Ill Patients, Quickly Recover Following This Treatment

There are more treatments around the world that are being tested for COVID-19 diseases and some of them turned out to be working. A new debate is happening around the treatment called RLF-100.

The New York Post just revealed that the critically ill COVID-19 patients managed to recover quickly from the respiratory failure following three days of being treated with the therapy mentioned above.

RLF-100 is a therapy that granted fast track designation in the US, according to two companies that addressed the issue the other day.

RLF-100 aka aviptadil

It’s been revealed that the Geneva-based Relief Therapeutics Holdings AG RFLB.S has a patent for RLF-100, or aviptadil – this is a synthetic form of a natural peptide that protects the lungs.

It’s also worth noting that U.S.-Israeli NeuroRx Inc partnered with Relief to develop the drug in the United States.

Back in June, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted fast-track designation to RLF-100 for treatment of respiratory distress in COVID-19.

Another important issue to note is the fact that there’s a phase 2/3 clinical trial with 70 patients still ongoing and the drug is being administered on an emergency basis to some of the patients who are too ill to the admitted to the trial. It seems that people are coming off ventilators after taking the treatment. We suggest that you check out the original post in order to learn more available details about this successful COVID-19 treatment. 

Coronavirus news

Other than this, it’s been revealed that a vaccine is closer than we think. More than that, on the other hand, it’s been recently revealed that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said recently that an effective coronavirus vaccine could require multiple doses

Also, Moderna’s tests have reportedly entered the final phase, and this sparked massive enthusiasm around the world. It also seems that an emergency approval for the vaccine’s use could come sooner than expected. 


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