Coronavirus Antibody Levels In Recovered COVID-19 Patients – New Unexpected Details Unveiled

Coronavirus Antibody Levels In Recovered COVID-19 Patients – New Unexpected Details Unveiled

Great news about the coronavirus pandemic has been released the other day and this gave hope to a lot of people who have been struggling these days. Since the novel virus popped up, our lives are driven by fear and uncertainty and some good news came just in time.

Coronavirus could disappear on its own 

Just the other day, it’s been revealed that an Italian infectious disease expert believes that the virus is becoming less and less dangerous, and it could eventually disappear without a vaccine, on its own. 

Dr. Matteo Bassetti is the head of the infectious diseases clinic at the San Martino hospital, and he just said the virus appears to have become less potent.

Antibody levels in recovered patients 

On the other hand, new info regarding the levels of antibodies that have been created in the organisms of infected patients are not too long-lasting. 

Reuters just reported that the “levels of an antibody found in recovered COVID-19 patients fell sharply in 2-3 months after infection for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients,” according to a Chinese study.

This is not too good and the news is raising questions about the length of any immunity against the novel coronavirus.

The interesting research was published in Nature Medicine on June 18 and it highlights the risks of using COVID-19 “immunity passports” – these were supposed to be implemented by more countries as announced earlier.

Public health interventions have to remain in place 

Also, it’s important to note that this research supports the prolonged use of public health interventions such as social distancing and isolating high-risk groups, according to experts.

We recommend that you check out Reuters’ official notes in order to learn all the available details. Also, check out the latest data about the virus’ effects on the brain and on the whole body

As you already know by now, the world has been working really hard to find treatments and vaccines for the novel coronavirus. 


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