Copper Mugs Related To Food Poisoning Might Not Be So Scary After All

Copper Mugs Related To Food Poisoning Might Not Be So Scary After All

Recent reports said that copper mug could be responsible for food poisoning. The copper mug used by everyone to drink Moscow Mules during weekends might not harm your health very severely. Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Division issued a bulletin warning reminding people that copper should never come into contact with food with a pH lower than 6.0.

Why this warning is not completely reliable

There are changes you might get sick if drinking anything having a lower pH than 6.0, but if you mug as a lining inside, then it is safe. Copper manufacturers know this fact and usually, add some kind of lining inside the copper mugs.

According to Iowa’s Department of Inspections and Appeals, this warning was mostly directed to bars and restaurants as a universal guideline to keep everyone safe.

Most chefs and bartenders avoid copper mugs anyway as copper changes the flavor of the ingredients. This does not mean that people should be careless. Always check that your copper mug has an inside lining. Copper intoxication causes nausea; diarrhea, vomiting and high doses can lead to death.

What about the Moscow Mule

This famous cocktail is loved worldwide and it involved ice cubs, ginger beer, vodka, and lime. The cocktail is usually served in a copper mug. In case the mug looks like it does not have a lining inside to protect you from the copper, then it is ok to ask for the cocktail in a glass.

Another brilliant idea is to prepare your own Moscow Mule at home in your favorite cup or glass. First, you need to pour the vodka and the lime juice, and then add the ice cubes and the ginger beer. Stir the concoction thoroughly and you could even use a lime wedge for décor.


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