Controversial Low-Cost Treatment, Tested For Coronavirus Cure

Controversial Low-Cost Treatment, Tested For Coronavirus Cure

It’s been just reported that experts are running tests in order to see whether ibuprofen is able to help patients who are sick with coronavirus. BBC reported that the team of experts is from London’s Guy’s and St. Thomas’ hospital and King’s College believe that the drug, which is a painkiller and anti-inflammatory treatment could be able to treat breathing difficulties.

Experts are hoping that this treatment would be able to keep people off the ventilators.

The ibuprofen controversy 

The ibuprofen subject was debated a while ago as well, with some voices saying that it only makes the symptoms of COVID-19 worse, but the WHO hopped in the discussion and said that this is nothing but fake news. 

You may recall that some time ago, such concerns have been heightened when France’s health minister Oliver Veran – the man said that “taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, could aggravate the infection and advised patients to take paracetamol instead.”

BBC notes that the trial mentioned above is called Liberate and it involves the treatment with ibuprofen of half of the patients. This will be in addition to the usual care.

The online publication mentioned above notes that “The trial will use a special formulation of ibuprofen rather than the regular tablets that people might usually buy. Some people already take this lipid capsule form of the drug for conditions like arthritis.”

Studies on animals show success 

It’s also worth noting that the studies on animals that have been made so far, are suggesting that the treatment could treat acute respiratory distress syndrome which is one of the severe complications triggered by the novel coronavirus.

Prof Mitul Mehta, one of the team members at King’s College London, stated the following: “We need to do a trial to show that the evidence actually matches what we expect to happen.”

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