CNBC’s Jim Cramer Says People Became “Desperate” for Buying Stocks after FDA Granted Full Approval for the Pfizer Vaccine

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Says People Became “Desperate” for Buying Stocks after FDA Granted Full Approval for the Pfizer Vaccine

Many people were hoping for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to grant full approval for Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine for COVID-19. Officials were confident that such an approval would make more people being willing to get vaccinated. After a long wait, it finally happened. Pfizer’s vaccine for the coronavirus is now fully approved by the FDA, as the federal agency itself announced via its official website.

Jim Cramer from CNBC and also the host for “Mad Money” now brings some pretty unexpected claims, as revealed by He says that the reaction of Wall Street regarding FDA’s decision tells him that investors are “desperate to buy stocks even if they have to pay up.”

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Jim Cramer added as also quoted by

“You rarely see a market that’s this straightforward, but anything with any cyclicality roared today on the Pfizer story.”

Will skepticism go away?

Let’s face it: there are a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to COVID vaccination. One of the reasons was that the vaccines weren’t FDA-approved when the vaccination campaign began. But as for now, they should have a lot more faith in the vaccines.
Especially in the current context of the highly transmissible Delta variant, vaccination for COVID is highly recommended.

Our World in Data reveals that until now, 32.7% of the people inhabiting the planet had been vaccinated with at least one of the necessary shots for COVID. 24.6% are fully vaccinated for the pandemic virus.

The same source reveals that 5 billion vaccine doses were administered worldwide. Also, a number of 33.56 million shots are currently administered every day.

As the Delta variant of COVID is spreading across the world like wildfire, there’s no telling when the horror of the pandemic will finally end. According to, a total of more than 4.45 million people died worldwide because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


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