Chinese Researchers Creates a Vaccine That Will Protect Your Teeth Against Decay

Chinese Researchers Creates a Vaccine That Will Protect Your Teeth Against Decay

There are many persons who live in poor regions and are not able to access basic dental care. Chinese scientists are currently working on a vaccine that should help them and prevent dental cavities.

The vaccine that can prevent tooth decay

A team of researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIOV) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is working on the innovative vaccine that will greatly enhance your dental hygiene. Their study has been published in Scientific Reports and provides some details about this revolutionary vaccine.

Dental cavities are caused by the bacteria Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) and this vaccine should find a way to fight this bacteria.

The team was led by scientist Yan Huimin, used fusion proteins in their experiments.

A new fusion protein

The scientist worked on KFD2-rPAc, a second-generation of their flagellin-rPAc fusion protein.

This protein has already been tested on mice in labs and they were injected into their nasal cavities. The results revealed that in 64.2% of the cases the vaccine had prophylactic efficacy, and the vaccine produced a 53.9 percent therapeutic effect for the mice who already had dental cavities.

These results give us hope, since dental cavities are major health problems. Even in developed areas, a great number of people have caries, including schoolchildren. Therefore, everyone could benefit from such a vaccine.

Even if the Chinese scientists manage to create this vaccine, we will have to wait a long time until it will become available for everyone.

It is also important to note that this vaccine cannot replace tooth brushing or dental floss. However, it could be an amazing boost for dental hygiene that will help people all around the world, especially the less privileged ones.


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