China Coronavirus Disaster: This Hasn’t Happened Since March

China Coronavirus Disaster: This Hasn’t Happened Since March

China hits the world with some pretty bad news today. The whole planet has been fighting the novel coronavirus together, with experts and researchers trying to find the best solutions to defeat the virus. 

Coronavirus good news 

There are all kinds of new treatments underway, and there’s also a very promising vaccine that should be out this year, according to the latest reports. 

There have been all kinds of optimistic reports released lately, that were probably able to give hope to a lot of people. For instance, we revealed that there’s one new potential treatment for the novel coronavirus.

More than that, it’s important to mention the fact that an Italian infectious disease expert believes that the virus is becoming less and less dangerous, and it could eventually disappear without a vaccine, on its own.

China drops the bomb

On the other hand, unfortunately, China drops some pretty lousy news at the beginning of this week.

Fox News just reported that China said it recorded the highest number of coronavirus infections since back in March. This is pretty terrible, considering that everyone believed that they are on their way to keeping things under control.

The same online publication notes that Reuters reported that China’s health commission announced 61 new coronavirus cases, which was the most cases since March 6 when there were 75 new cases reported.”

More than that, it’s been revealed that Johns Hopkins reported that China has seen 86,000 official cases and 4,600 deaths.

It’s also worth noting that the U.S. has seen 4.2 million cases and 146,000 deaths. As you probably know by now, there have been all kinds of assumptions and questions about the accuracy of Beijing’s figures.

People continue to wait for viable treatments for the Covid-19 disease while also at the same time waiting for the best possible news about a potential vaccine that could end this nightmare that took our normal lives away. 

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