Children Became More Susceptible to Viruses Because of COVID Lockdown Measures, New Research Suggests

Children Became More Susceptible to Viruses Because of COVID Lockdown Measures, New Research Suggests

A lot of countries imposed lockdown measures during the COVID pandemic that even children had to obey, and it wasn’t exactly the best move if we take into account what new research has to say. 

The New York Post reveals that COVID lockdowns damaged the immune systems of the little ones, making them catch viruses more easily. There are even cases of children suffering from three viruses at the same time. The high numbers reported by Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital in Connecticut confirm that young patients are having more trouble than before. These patients suffer from other viruses except for COVID: influenza, RSV, adenovirus, and more.

The US flu season hits in June

Dr. Scott Roberts, a medical expert from Yale-New Haven, stated for CNBC:

We’ve never seen a flu season in the US extend into June,

COVID has clearly had a very big impact on that.

He also added:

Now that people have unmasked, places are opening up, we’re seeing viruses behave in very odd ways that they weren’t before.

As for the COVID pandemic, many important public voices claim that it may finally be approaching its end. However, the stats still look pretty scary if we take a look at Yesterday, for instance, over 587,000 infections and more than 1,300 deaths caused by the coronavirus were reported worldwide. The most affected countries since the start of the pandemic are the USA (over 87.5 million infections), India (over 43.2 million infections), Brazil (over 31.5 million infections), and so on.

A recent study on over 7,500 births that Los Angeles Times writes about indicates the possibility for newborns to go through brain development disorders if their mothers were infected with the coronavirus. 


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