Childhood Allergies Are On The Rise But Parents Underestimate The Risks

Childhood Allergies Are On The Rise But Parents Underestimate The Risks

According to an IFOP survey conducted in France, parents underestimate the risk of childhood allergies, despite the fact that allergies are more and more common in children.

If diagnosed too late, childhood allergies are more serious than those occurring in adults

According to the specialists, the lack of a proper education in this regard plus a poor hygiene led to an increase in childhood allergies number.

Often diagnosed too late and underestimated by parents, childhood allergies are more serious and more frequent than those occurring in adults. Apparently, parents are far from understanding the seriousness of the problem of allergy in children.

The risks of childhood allergies are very often underestimated

According to the survey results, respondents believe that the risks of childhood allergies are not serious. Parents estimated the childhood allergies risks at about 3%, while the doctors have estimated the childhood allergies risks at 10%.

On the other hand, children with one or both allergic parents are at a higher risk of developing allergies. Even in this case, respondents rate the risk of 21% (for one allergic parent) and 67% (for two allergic parents).

However, again, parent underestimate the risks of childhood allergies. Doctors said that a child with one allergic parent has between 30% and 50% risk of developing an allergy and up to 80% if both parents are allergic.

Environmental factors influence childhood allergies

Children are exposed to double allergic risks which combine hereditary and environmental factors.

The prevalence of asthma in children is estimated between 7% and 10%, rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis between 15% and 20%, while the food allergies at 6%.

In the recent decades, allergies and asthma have increased exponentially. The causes of these allergic pathologies are still unknown, but we know that genetics and the environment can play a role.

Recent studies had shown that children exposed to different environmental factors were much more protected against childhood allergies in comparison to children who were overprotected by their parents and were not exposed to several environmental factors during their first years of life.

In conclusion, the French study revealed that childhood allergies are on the rise but parents underestimate the risks.


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