Chief Scientist Reveals Possible Major Downside of The COVID-19 Vaccine

Chief Scientist Reveals Possible Major Downside of The COVID-19 Vaccine

The world will get a vaccine for COVID-19 soon, but not everybody is willing to get it in their bodies. Both American companies Pfizer and Moderna reported very promising results for their vaccines during the trials, but things are not as fine and dandy as they sound.

For the Moderna vaccine, those injected will need two shots from it and could be dealing with mild symptoms of COVID-19 as side effects. While there’s no reason to believe that the vaccine could severely jeopardize the patient’s health, Moderna’s chief medical officer himself, Tal Zaks, reveals a more unpleasant possibility.

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moderna could still allow people to spread the virus

Even if someone gets vaccinated, he could still carry the COVID-19 disease and pass it towards another person who will eventually become ill. Tal Zaks reveals that Moderna doesn’t have enough data to say for sure if their vaccine stops people from still spreading the virus.

Tal Zaks said it loud and clear for Axios:

Our results show that this vaccine can prevent you from being sick, it can prevent you from being severely sick.

They do not show that this vaccine can prevent you from potentially transiently carrying the virus and infecting others.

However, the scientist also brings a glimmer of hope by saying:

Do I believe that it prevents transmission?

Absolutely, yes, but I say this because of the science.

During the trials, the COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna proved itself to be 94.5 percent effective at stopping patients from becoming severely ill from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. reveals that until now, over 60 million people across the world had been infected with the pandemic virus. While more than 1.4 million people lost the battle with COVID-19 and died, a much higher number of patients had been recovered: over 41 million.




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