Chicago Residents Can Receive $100 for Simply Getting Vaccinated for COVID

Chicago Residents Can Receive $100 for Simply Getting Vaccinated for COVID

The pressure that many voices from society are making to convince people to accept the vaccine for COVID is reaching amusing heights. You can even get a Visa Gift Card of $100 from the Chicago Department of Public Health if you simply accept to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. The news is brought by

The gift cards will be available at the mobile vaccination events of CDPH starting Saturday and also through Protect Chicago At Home appointments starting Tuesday.

Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson?

In order to benefit from the offer, Chicago residents can choose between the vaccine developed by Pfizer or the one made by Johnson & Johnson. If they choose the latter brand, they’ll receive two $50 gift cards. If they opt for the Pfizer jab, they’ll get a $50 gift card for each dose.


As you’ve probably already guessed, those who are under the age of 12 years old can’t benefit from the offer.
Those who want to have access to restaurants in the two Washington counties Jefferson and Clallam, are required to get vaccinated first.

Dr. Berry explained the decision as follows:

Indoor bars and restaurants are known to pose a high risk for COVID-19 transmission, as they encourage unmasking of large groups of people indoors,

Our goal is to make these safer places to be and to reduce transmission in our communities, allowing our hospitals to keep functioning and our schools to open more safely this fall.

Our World in Data says that roughly 40.3% of the entire population of Earth has been vaccinated with at least the first dose of an anti-COVID vaccine. The places where people have very little access to vaccines are the low-income countries, according to the same source. Across these areas, only 1.8% of residents have received any anti-COVID vaccines.


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