CDC Confirms That a Possible Coronavirus Transmission May Have Taken Place Already

CDC Confirms That a Possible Coronavirus Transmission May Have Taken Place Already

A press release offered by U.S. health officials acknowledges that transmission of the coronavirus within a community may have taken place in the U.S., a sign which may mark the start of future epidemics.

Interestingly, how the patient contracted the virus isn’t known at this point. The individual lives in the Solano Country and has received medical treatment in the Sacramento area. A dilemma is posed by the fact that the patient did not travel in one of the dangerous areas, and there was no contact with a person that may have carried the virus.

While the source of infection remains a mystery, the CDC has stated that it may have been transmitted by a patient who doesn’t know that they have COVID-19. An investigation has been launched to determine the exact cause of the infection.

The CDC talks about the new Coronavirus, Covid-19

Current data mentions that the patient was brought to a CDC facility from another hospital located in Northern California. A quick test for coronavirus did not take place since the person did not feature the symptoms that are mentioned in the existent testing protocol. The infection was confirmed after the results of the test were positive.

More than 60 cases have been recognized officially in the U.S., with a large number being represented by patients who were brought back from the city of Wuhan, the Diamond Princess cruise ship, and China. It is also theorized that the patient may have contracted the disease from a person that went to a different country where the virus is present.

California health officials monitor the situation, and preemptive actions will be taken to limited the spread of the virus within the state. CDC representatives have stated that the virus will reach the country at some point, and encourage the public to remain calm and cooperative.


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