Cataclysmic Scenario: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Involved In A Deadly Mix

Cataclysmic Scenario: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Involved In A Deadly Mix

The coronavirus pandemic changed our lives in unimaginable ways. This will probably turn out to be the biggest crisis that our generation is set to experience. Our daily lives are terrorized by fear and uncertainty. 

The hurricane season, which started in June, will also be unlike any other so far, and COVID-19 is the main reason, of course.

“The combination of an ongoing pandemic and what NOAA has forecast to be a busy hurricane season is a cataclysmic scenario,” according to the disaster policy group SmarterSafer Coalition as cited by the online publication USA Today. 

The same website notes that the Federal forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted back in May that as many as 19 named storms would form – it also seems that 10 of them will be hurricanes.

An unusual busy season in 2020

This is just one of many forecasts that predict an unusually busy season in 2020.

“This could be a very active season,” according to AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Kottlowski. He continued and explained that “The more active the season, the more likely we’ll have at least one, two or three major events.”

Climate scientists said that the intersection of this horrible pandemic in the middle of which we are with the hurricane season is something unfortunate and without precedent. 

It’s been also revealed that even without the pandemic, this would have been an extremely challenging hurricane season, according to Rachel Cleetus, from the Union of Concerned Scientists, due to the predicted number of storms. She continued and said, “As a nation, we’re not prepared, and this is putting people’s lives at risk.”

It’s been highlighted that the nation’s efforts to keep people safe will have to be huge and the state, together with local authorities, will have to work together in order to get through this amidst unprecedented circumstances.  

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