Cancer Patients Can Have Better Lives After DNA Sequencing

Cancer Patients Can Have Better Lives After DNA Sequencing

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is no longer a certain death sentence. As of January 2022, estimations show that across the US, there are 18.1 million cancer survivors. That number translates to 5.4% of the total population of the country.

While beating cancer is indeed possible, it’s certainly not an easy journey. USA Today News reveals that genetic sequencing has revolutionized cancer treatment. The procedure matches tumor and patient genetic mutations with targeted therapies, offering extended life expectancy and improved quality of life.

Despite the guidelines recommending sequencing for various cancer types, a significant number of eligible patients do not go through this testing. Only around half of qualified patients have their tumors sequenced, and a recent study revealed that a mere 7% of eligible patients actually undergo genetic sequencing.

The low uptake is to blame for depriving patients of potential treatments tailored to their genetic profile and hampers advancements in cancer care. Improved access to genetic sequencing is extremely important to ensure that patients receive optimal care and can benefit from precision medicine approaches.

Experimental treatment shows a high success rate of overcoming cancer

In a recent article, we shared the news of a treatment that could prove to be extremely efficient against cancer. In a remarkable achievement at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem, a significant breakthrough has been made in the treatment of multiple myeloma, which is the second-most prevalent blood cancer. Employing an innovative strategy involving CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell) therapy, which boosts the patient’s immune system to combat cancer, the treatment has exhibited incredible effectiveness. As reported by The Jerusalem Post, an impressive 90% of the 74 patients treated at Hadassah experienced complete remission.

In other words, there’s no use to despair if you receive a cancer diagnosis. The medical world is constantly looking for solutions to overcome the terrible disease that has killed millions of people so far.


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