Can Vitamins Protect You From Delta Variant?

Can Vitamins Protect You From Delta Variant?

The Delta version has been transmitted around the United States, giving the people reasons to find the best approach to avoid the highly transmitted strain of the virus from developing. Health institutions, including the Disease Control and Prevention Centers and the World Health Organization, are advocating that individuals be vaccinated against COVID-19, as this remains the best protection method. However, many individuals have sought alternate methods of prevention, including the horse medicine ivermectin, the anti-malaria medication hydroxychloroquine as well as vitamins, not advised by health experts.

In order to enhance their immunity, numerous persons take nutritional complements like vitamin C or iron. However, per the Mayo Clinic, such additions may not influence or boost your immunological function. Dr. Sandra Adam is a biology professor at the University of Montclair. He explained that vitamins could not build an adequate immune reaction in order to protect you from any variations of the virus.

“Vitamins cannot prevent infection from the Delta variant. Vitamins cannot interfere with any stage in the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or any of its variants, nor would vitamins be sufficient to boost the immune response to prevent the onset of illness,” Adams added.

The role of vitamins

While vitamins might not prevent COVID-19, they do have plenty of benefits for your health. Vitamins do a lot of things for your body. Some help keep you slim and active; others boost immunity and energy. Vitamin C can keep your blood sugar stable and helps fight wrinkles and build collagen in your skin. Vitamin supplements are available in tablet, liquid, and pill form. Whether you’re looking for fat loss or an energy boost, there is a specific vitamin for each purpose. Whether you take a pill or topical form, each vitamin provides nutrients to the body in an undisturbed form.

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