Can a Simple Memory Test Reveal If You Have a Brain Tumour or Not? What New Research Claims

Can a Simple Memory Test Reveal If You Have a Brain Tumour or Not? What New Research Claims

Although most brain tumors are benign (roughly 71%), finding out as soon as possible that you have such affection can only be to your advantage. A new study funded by a leading charity suggests that there is a simple way to tell if you are dealing with a devastating brain tumor – no surgery, no injections, no visit to the doctor, nothing. 

The best part is that anybody can perform the memory test in question. All you need is to look at the clock for a minute, literally. It can even be a mechanical clock as well, if, by some chance, you still have one at home. EXPRESS brings the news about the new method, and you should definitely try it out. It won’t even cost you anything. You can even tell us in the comment section what result you have obtained!

You have to name 14 animals in one minute

Doctor Paul Brennan from the University of Edinburgh proposes the “Noah’s Ark Test” after studying 207 people, which implies asking the participant to name less than 14 animals. Over 87% of people who reach a poor score on the test also were found to have a brain tumor, as the study reveals. Also, it was found that over 48% of those who obtained a good score weren’t dealing with a brain tumor. 

Dr. Brennan, who’s an Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon from the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian, explained as EXPRESS quotes:

Our findings are important in demonstrating proof-of-concept and we now need to validate this test in a larger group of patients to prove whether it could help guide referral for suspected brain cancer.

Even doctors have trouble diagnosing brain tumors correctly since the symptoms can be pretty misleading. Perhaps the new study can lend doctors a helping hand if it will truly be proven useful!

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