Britain’s Booster Program Implies the Order of 60 Million Vaccine Shots From Pfizer

Britain’s Booster Program Implies the Order of 60 Million Vaccine Shots From Pfizer

Many people believe that the UK managed to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, as the country reports significantly fewer daily cases of infections than before. But even so, Britain orders 60 million more vaccine doses for COVID that were made by Pfizer/BioNTech.
The health minister Matt Hancock is the one bringing the information, and wrote about it. Hancock adds that the shots are part of a booster vaccination program that will start in the fall.
Hancock declared:

We’re working on our plans for booster shots,
These further 60 million doses will be used, alongside others, as part of our booster programme from later this year, so we can protect the progress that we’ve all made.

Public Health England reveals that the details of a booster vaccine are still being worked out, and it would be designed with new variants in mind.

Over 127,000 COVID deaths

According to data from, the UK reported a total of over 127,000 people who died because of the COVID pandemic. Currently, the country reports around 2,000 infections per day, which means great progress considering that there were days with tens of thousands of cases of infections.


Across the UK, there were about 47 million vaccine shots given to the population, and 13.2 million people have received both doses required for the vaccine. Bloomberg announced that a total of over 1 billion vaccine shots were given to the world’s population. informs that the USA remains the hardest-hit country by the COVID pandemic, as it counts over 32 million infections and more than 588,000 deaths.


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