Breaking: New Trial Tests Common Drugs To Prevent Severe Covid-19 Cases

Breaking: New Trial Tests Common Drugs To Prevent Severe Covid-19 Cases

Experts all over the world are working day and night to find more viable treatments for the symptomatology that’s associated with the Covid-19 disease, the disease that’s triggered by the novel coronavirus.

Vaccines are also on the way, and the mogul Bill Gates addresses a few issues regarding these vaccines, their efficiency, safety, and other related worries that he has about them. 

It’s also important to mention that he made a gloomy prediction about the future, about the post-coronavirus world, according to reports coming from CNBC. 

New African trial tests common drugs for preventing severe cases of Covid-19 

It’s been just revealed that there are hundreds of drug trials around the world that have been testing all kinds of potential Covid-19 treatments, but there haven’t been any in Africa so far.

Now, an expert from the content are making massive efforts to answer a crucial question that did not get the deserved attention that it should have by now: “Could cheap, widely available drugs prevent patients with mild illness from becoming severely sick?” ScienceMag asks readers.

“This is the first major drug trial across the continent,” says epidemiologist John Amuasi, who leads the Ghanaian arm of the Africa-wide project, named ANTICOV. “I would have liked this to come much earlier, but it’s really great that this is happening.”

The malaria treatment hydroxychloroquine is raising some eyebrows these days. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, experts were saying that this would turn out devastating for the African countries. 

“Many of us scientists in Africa were actually calling for trials at the very early stages because we were concerned that we were going to be the hardest hit,” says Amuasi.

Check out more details about the first African trial of common drugs in the original article. 

Also, make sure to read some breaking coronavirus-related news coming from a Wuhan controversial virologist. 

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