Brazilian President Bolsonaro Shocks The World: Here’s What He Has In His Lungs After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Brazilian President Bolsonaro Shocks The World: Here’s What He Has In His Lungs After Coronavirus Diagnosis

As you might have heard, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been diagnosed with COVID-19 not too long ago. According to the latest reports from Reuters, he said just the other day, that he’s taking antibiotics for an infection that left him feeling really weak.

Bolsonaro talks about having mold in his lungs 

In an online video, he spoke about the “mold” that he has in his lungs.

He spent weeks in isolation after he caught the novel coronavirus.

Reuters also reported what he had to say.

“I just did a blood test. I was feeling kind of weak yesterday. They found a bit of infection also. Now I’m on antibiotics,” Bolsonaro said in a livestream video, without getting in too many details about the infection.

“After 20 days indoors, I have other problems. I have mold in my lungs,” he said while he was referring to the almost three weeks that he spent at the official presidential residence. It’s also important to note that he tested positive for the coronavirus on July 7 and then negative last Saturday.

Another important piece of information is the fact that his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro also tested positive the other day, according to the latest reports coming from the presidential palace. 

Reuters reports that “Science and Technology Minister Marcos Pontes also said he had tested positive for the virus, making him the fifth cabinet minister diagnosed publicly.”

Coronavirus vaccine news 

The whole world is working together for a viable coronavirus vaccine. Moderna has been making lots of headlines lately due to the vaccine that they’re getting ready by the end of 2020. 

Recently, another important issue was debated and the price for the vaccine has been disclosed.

CNN just reported that the FDA could be issuing an emergency use authorization for the vaccine. This could be happening in a matter of weeks after a vaccine meets all the necessary requirements.

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