Brazil is Preparing to Purchase Five COVID-19 Vaccines

Brazil is Preparing to Purchase Five COVID-19 Vaccines

Brazil is rapidly heading towards a death toll of 170,000 people caused by COVID-19, as the South-American country is devastated. With a total of over six million cases of infection, Brazil occupies the third place in the top of the most affected countries in the world by the ongoing pandemic.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that the Brazilian health ministry itself declared that it will sign non-binding letters of intent to buy COVID-19 vaccines from four companies and the sovereign wealth fund from Russia. 

142,900,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine

The Brazilian government has contracts in place to grant access to 142,900,000 doses of vaccine. The Brazilian authorities are relying mostly on AstraZeneca PLC for developing the COVID-19 vaccine. A supply contract was already signed with the company.

The health ministry from Brazil also revealed that officials met with representatives of Pfizer Inc, Moderna Inc., Bharat Biotech from India, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, and Janssen.

Pfizer and Moderna likely to bring the vaccine first

The American multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer recently announced very promising results of its Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials. The effectiveness was 95% for preventing infections for people regardless of their age, and there weren’t any reasons for serious safety concerns. Another American company, Moderna, also reported effectiveness of 94.5% for its own COVID-19 vaccine.

The top US infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, declared:

That is extraordinary,

That is almost to the level of what we see with measles (vaccine), which is 98% effective.

Brazil reports tens of thousands of infections with the COVID-19 disease every day, according to We must admit that it’s frightening even for a country that has over 212 million inhabitants. Hundreds of people die every day in Brazil because of the pandemic, and an absolute peak was reported back at the end of July: 1,554 deaths.




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