Brazil Has Passed 5 Million Cases

Brazil Has Passed 5 Million Cases

The health ministry of Brazil has talked about the 31.553 new cases on Tuesday. The total infections from the country are 5,000,694. So the confirmed cases have passed 5 million, and the deaths are really close to 150.000.


Brazil is now the third worst hit country, after the US and India. The president of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, has been accused of downplaying the risks of the virus in this extreme situation. It has also been said that he ignored the expert advice when it comes to restrictive measures. He has rejected all of the criticism when it comes to his way of handling the pandemic, and his decision to be against lockdowns and raised a lot of questions.


Back on Tuesday, Brazil recorded 734 new deaths, which brought the number to 148,228. As of now, Brazil has the highest number of deaths in Latin America. São Paulo was the one to be hit the worst, with 36,000 deaths. Then, it was Rio de Janeiro, with around 19,000.


But we come with good news, as well, both the number of cases and deaths have been decreasing. There are still 5,000 fatalities a week, but it’s better than 7,000. Of course, it’s worse than the situation in Europe, but things start to return to normal. All the restaurants, bars, and shops are not re-opening. Some of the schools also have in plan to re-open soon.


Even if he had been criticized for the downplay of the virus, his approval ratings are actually higher. And it’s all because the government helped around 60 million informal workers. But will the government reduce the payment?


Brazil’s Vice-President Hamilton Mourão defended the way the government handled the pandemic. He blamed the citizens and their lack of discipline for the spread of the coronavirus in the country.




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