Boosting Cognitive Function and Getting Yourself a Good Mood is Possible Through Simple Method

Boosting Cognitive Function and Getting Yourself a Good Mood is Possible Through Simple Method

Everybody should be aware nowadays of the huge benefits of working out. Sometimes, a simple physical activity can mean a lot for our mental health, and that’s what we’ll be presenting here.

The simple act of running can help our mental health a lot, and The Hill reveals a new discovery that will certainly leave you speechless: engaging in this physical activity for just 10 minutes can improve cognitive function and even give you a good mood.

26 participants were assessed

For the new study, 26 participants who were healthy had to run for 10 minutes and be subject to testing for measuring brain processing and reaction times. The conclusion was that these folks who engaged in the simple act of running were in a better mood and also reacted faster for the tests.

What happens is that during the running, blood flow will be increased in the bilateral prefrontal cortex, meaning the area of the brain that’s important when it comes to executive function and controlling mood.

Hideaki Soya, the author of the study, explains:

Given the extent of executive control required in coordinating balance, movement, and propulsion during running, it is logical that there would be increased neuronal activation in the prefrontal cortex and that other functions in this region would benefit from this increase in brain resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also revealed a series of benefits when it comes to engaging in physical activity. They’re all exciting, along with the simple idea of maintaining your health through an extremely simple method: strengthening the bones and muscles, weight management, more endurance for daily activities, increasing chances of living a longer life, and more. even reveals that reducing anxiety and depression is also possible through physical activity.

The new study was published in Scientific Reports.


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