Booster Shots: People Over 50 Will Receive Their Third Vaccine Dose In The U.K.

Booster Shots: People Over 50 Will Receive Their Third Vaccine Dose In The U.K.


On Tuesday, the United Kingdom stated that it will provide every person over fifty and other persons with sensitive health issues with a third dosage of COVID-19 vaccination to aid the nation during the cold season.

A day after the Conservative Government also endorsed proposals to give one dose to youngsters aged between 12 and 15, the booster injections, which will be launched starting next week, were authorized. The Government’s Joint Committee on Immunization has advised that people over 50, medical personnel, persons with chronic problems of health, and those living with people with impaired immune systems are provided stimulus injections.

“When you’ve got a large proportion, as we have now, with immunity, then smaller changes can make a bigger difference and give us the confidence that we don’t have to go back to the lockdowns of the past. In the meantime, we are confident in the vaccines that have made such a difference to our lives,” declared Prime Minister Boris Johnson back on Tuesday.


Even though the number of individuals currently becoming infected with the virus is much greater than the year before when more than 30,000 reported cases a day, the British administration chose not to impose again more restrictions for the population in the United Kingdom, as the push to vaccinate has diminished the number of individuals who developed severe forms of the virus and subsequently died this year.

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister stated that if there is a significant strain on hospitals, the administration is prepared to reinstate the measures within the next few months. In British hospitals, the number of individuals infected is roughly 8500, lower than the more than 40,000 hospitalized people from the terrible second wave in the pandemic previously this year. If the restrictions are back, mask mandates will return, as well as work from home for many jobs.

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