Birth Defects Common For Babies Of Men Who Used Metformin

Birth Defects Common For Babies Of Men Who Used Metformin

The findings of a big new research show that babies born to men who were using the standard diabetic medication metformin may have a modestly elevated risk of certain birth abnormalities. Just over 3% of the more than a million infants born in Denmark had some form of birth abnormality. However, the data indicated that this risk was only around 5% among newborns whose dads had taken metformin in the three months before conception.

New study 

According to a study published on March 28 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the medicine was associated with an increased risk of genital birth abnormalities in all infant males.

Metformin has not been shown to be a factor in the study’s findings, according to experts. In addition, men should not discontinue their medicine because of single research, according to the authors of the article. Despite this, senior researcher Dr. Michael Eisenberg believes there is a “signal” that should be investigated further. Overall, the research shows the relevance of fathers’ effect on the likelihood of birth defects, he noted.

Patients with type 2 diabetes, which is typically linked to obesity, are often prescribed Metformin as an oral medicine to treat their high blood sugar levels. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 37 million Americans have diabetes, the majority of which is type 2. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more frequent in younger individuals and even adolescents and teens, according to the organization.

Pregnant women with poorly managed diabetes are more likely to give birth to kids with birth abnormalities, according to research. Meanwhile, diabetes has been linked to lower sperm quality in males in other studies. Fathers with diabetes may be more likely to have children with birth abnormalities, although this has not been shown.

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