Bill Gates Drops More Controversial Coronavirus Statements: “Close Over The Next 4 To 6 Months”

Bill Gates Drops More Controversial Coronavirus Statements: “Close Over The Next 4 To 6 Months”

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has had enough of the new coronavirus – this took one year of our lives away, and unfortunately, for others, it was worse than that – the new virus took their whole lives away.

As we’re getting closer to the end of this terrible year that brought so much tragedy and panic and the managed to change our lives probably for good, people are thinking about what’s still good and hopeful out there.

No matter how much bad news hits us, we still have to remember the optimistic achievements that experts were able to make this year in relation to the new virus. 

Everyone’s keeping an eye on the various treatments that pop up and have the ability to tackle the Covid-19 symptoms and especially on the upcoming vaccines. The vaccines triggered all kinds of positive reactions from people, but they have also been surrounded by massive controversies.

Bill Gates addressed the vaccine issue more than once and managed to upset a lot of people. Just the other day, we revealed that Gates dropped more bad news according to the latest reports – his latest message managed to upset people once again. 

Bill Gates has a message about restaurant and bars’ owners – and it’s obviously not good news

Now, there’s a video that’s been floating around on Twitter, and it reveals more details about what we could expect in the near future in a world dominated by the new virus and the fear and panic that this managed to trigger.

Check out the interview below:


Someone said: “Bill Gates, the scientist trying to kill off the middle class. The elites are winning this class war. Keep us poor, sick and afraid; they keep control.”

Another follower posted this message: “Only by closing small and family-owned businesses and places of worship, and banning family gatherings while leaving large corporate stores open and permitting leftwing demonstrations and dinner parties and large funerals for approved elites, can we hope to defeat Covid 19.”

People are not happy to learn what he had to say – there are definitely a lot of controversial measures being taken these days.

As that we can do at the moment is try to remain safe, healthy and last, but definitely not least – sane. Keeping our mind clear is extremely important these days, so make sure to kill the fear and panic because these chew on your immunity and sanity. 

The holidays are just around the corner, and we should try and enjoy them with our loved ones close, and hope for the best. 

Rada Mateescu

Passionate about subjects from the science and health-related areas, Rada has been blogging for about ten years and at Health Thoroughfare, she's covering the latest news on these niches.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Gates Drops More Controversial Coronavirus Statements: “Close Over The Next 4 To 6 Months”

  1. Bill Gates is an elitist who robbed others to make his fortune and now fancies himself a scientist though he has absolutely no credentials in that field. He is part of the small group of self-appointed elites like George Soros, the tech CEOs and other ultra rich who want to control the Plebian class. Personally I wish he would shut the hell up and play with his computer while staying in his swim lane.

  2. Bill Gates take your money your idea of what you think about our industry that I highly doubt you support . And find yourself a planet or better yet a universe suitable for such as yourself away from us commoners please?? I’ve been working safely throughout this whole ordeal without issues using the proper cdc regulations. Serving the public that obviously still wants too come to the restaurant at 50%.


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