Big Controversy behind Antidepressants – It Might End Placebo Alternative

Big Controversy behind Antidepressants – It Might End Placebo Alternative

Nowadays, people are more exposed than ever to all kind of depressive actions and environments. Our job and family situation can be stressful and, if at a certain time a problem appears and we cannot see any solution to it, this really affects us until the point it can even damage our mental health. Severe emotional shocks are another possible cause for depression and if they are not treated accordingly, depressions can even determine a person to commit suicide.

After you have been diagnosed with depression, everything seems lost; you don’t see any cure for this and you think that people will judge you if you seek for more than simple talks with a doctor or a treatment with Placebo effect. The alternative is quite controversial nowadays because it promotes antidepressants as the only effective cure for a sore state of mind and spirit.

What is the controversy behind antidepressants?

Although antidepressants are considered to be efficient and the US Food and Drug Administration has approved them as a suitable treatment for depression, researchers are still trying to prove that they are more effective than other methods (Placebo is the most popular alternative).

A study published on the 21st of February 2018 supports the idea that at least 21 most-commonly used antidepressants are far more efficient then Placebo. The study has been conducted on over 100,000 patients suffering from various degrees of depression during 1979-2016. The results confirmed what was already common knowledge for scientists: antidepressants can lead to the reduction of depressive symptoms during the first eight weeks of administrating. The same study revealed the fact that Placebo is not as effective as antidepressants.

This information is important for many people around the world who can benefit from that kind of treatment. Although the antidepressants are contested from a scientific point of view, their efficiency cannot be ignored. If you are considering them as a possible treatment, you should talk to your doctor first and then analyze which one is better for you.

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