Beware of the COVID Symptom That May Not Disappear for Those Over 40 Years Old

Beware of the COVID Symptom That May Not Disappear for Those Over 40 Years Old

The COVID pandemic doesn’t show many signs of ending or at least slowing down its terrible spread. Those who get infected are well-known to manifest symptoms like cough, fatigue, fever, and so on and so forth.

But some of the COVID symptoms might linger for a longer period of time than expected. A new study that tells usu about claims that older people could have more to deal with COVID symptoms than younger individuals.

Loss of taste and smell could last longer for those over 40 years old

The researchers spoke to 800 patients. These individuals had to keep an eye on their sense of taste and smell for months after the beginning of the study. The conclusion was that those who were below the age of 40 years old recovered from the loss of smell and taste more frequently than those who were exceeding that age.

The new study was published in the American Journal of Otolaryngology.

Here’s what the Mayo Clinic Health System has to say about the loss of smell and taste, according to its website:

Smell dysfunction is common and often the first symptom of a COVID-19 infection. Therefore, you should self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 when you can. It is also common in other viral upper respiratory illness, such as the common cold, but rarely is it the only or first symptom in those cases.

Humanity has been through even worse pandemics throughout its history, and only time will tell when the current one will be over. However, each of us has the duty to do our best to overcome it. We can succeed only if we work together!

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