Being Infected with COVID-19 Even Without Having a Fever? What Doctors Say

Being Infected with COVID-19 Even Without Having a Fever? What Doctors Say

We all know by now the usual symptoms a person manifests when getting infected with COVID-19: fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, and fever. There’s a total of over 65 million cases of infection throughout the world, and the number keeps growing by hundreds of thousands every single day.

Having a fever is a sure sign that there’s an infection present somewhere in your body, and it was also one of the indicators that COVID-19 could be jeopardizing your health. But the latest observations that doctors made come to add some important details.

Having a fever is not mandatory for the COVID-19 infection

Richard Watkins, MD who is working as a professor of internal medicine at the Northeast Ohio Medical University, says it very clear when it comes to having COVID-19 even without developing a fever:

Fever is one of the most common symptoms with COVID-19, but many people never have one.

Dr Adalja agrees on the subject:

Fever is part of a constellation of symptoms, and it may or may not be present in any individual,

You can be symptomatic and not have a fever.

Dr Adalja also reminds about the fact that an infected person can develop fever even without realizing it, as it’s not necessary for the symptom to be too sturdy.

The US reports the highest record of COVID-19 deaths over a 24-hour period reveals that the US reported more than 2,800 deaths caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a single day: on December 2. The same source informs the public that over 200,000 cases of infections were reported for the same day. The US remains the most affected country from the globe by the ongoing pandemic, as it counts a total of over 14.3 million cases and more than 279,000 deaths.

In the end, it all depends on each one of us to end the pandemic. Until the vaccine arrives, simple habits like wearing a facemask, washing our hands, and maintaining a reasonable physical distance between us are great ideas.




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