Beijing Elevates Emergency Response Amid Latest Coronavirus Outbreak

Beijing Elevates Emergency Response Amid Latest Coronavirus Outbreak

Beijing recently announced a partial lockdown for the capital city, and it also elevated the emergency response for the coronavirus to the second-highest level. This comes right after reporting that there’s a new cluster of infections linked to a food market.

Chen Bei, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Government said at a televised press conference this week that all the neighborhoods in districts that have been classed as high and medium risk areas will be closed.

Also, it’s important to note that all residents must remain at home and take nucleic acid tests in order to confirm whether they have been infected or not. 

There will be no visitors allowed in the area.

It’s also important to mention that all primary and secondary schools will be switching to online learning and all the universities will be closed. 

Production will not be suspended 

According to Chen, despite the new outbreaks, it will not be required to suspend production but businesses will be encouraged to adopt work-from-home policies and similar practices that are able to lower the risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Wu Zunyou, a top Chinese epidemiologist, said the next few days would be crucial in controlling the latest outbreaks – the country reported 32 more cases related to the Beijing market cluster.

“The measures in Beijing are timely and effective. Those who are infected might show symptoms in the coming two days. If the number of reported cases does not increase much, it can be said the epidemic has basically stabilized at such a scale,” he told state broadcaster CCTV on Monday night.

Check out the original article in order to learn more details on what’s going on in Beijing. 

There are various treatments being analyzed for fighting COVID-19 symptoms and also more vaccines are in the works these days. People all over the world have joined forces in order to try and overcome this pandemic that his humanity in 2019 and changed our lives.


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