Beating Depression is Possible Through Short Brain Stimulation Treatment

Beating Depression is Possible Through Short Brain Stimulation Treatment

Depression is one of the biggest issues in our society, as it can lead to a lot of terrible outcomes. Not being able to think properly, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts are all on the list. But the good news is that there are ways to fight depression, and furthermore, scientists never seem to stop looking for ways to overcome the condition.

Stanford researchers are now adding a lot of faith in a brain stimulation treatment that lasts for only five days and shows to be capable of defeating depression, as a new article from reveals for us.

Modified transcranial magnetic stimulation causes remission for 80% of patients

80% of the patients who participated in the study and also were on treatment-resistant depression had shown remission after receiving the brain stimulation. Furthermore, the better news is that difficult cases of depression could be treated by the new method. Probably the fact that the treatment is fast is the best part.

The stimulation works by using electrical impulses to induce a balance for the erratic brain activity that has to do with certain disorders.

During a phone call with Gizmodo study author Nolan Williams declared:

We were very interested in trying to solve psychiatric issues in an emergency setting, where we’re treating people in the time course of days. And so we figured out a way, based off of human neuroscience principles, to compress stimulation from a six-week schedule into a single day.

Depression is more than just feeling sad. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reveals that a combination of factors could be to blame for the installment of depression in a person – biological, genetic, environmental, and even psychological.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend not to take seriously enough the risks of depression. Hopefully, this mentality will vanish in the future.

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