Bad News for Women: Stroke Numbers Declined Only Among Men

Bad News for Women: Stroke Numbers Declined Only Among Men

Strokes can be very unpredictable and can affect even people who appear very healthy, do not smoke or consume too much alcohol. A new study shows that stroke rates among women have not modified in the last years, while among men it has dropped.

Appearances could fool us

An unfortunate example is Diana Hardeman who according to the media was a vegetarian, did not smoke and was a vegetarian. In 2013 when she was 30, Diana suffered a stroke. She declared that the whole right side of her body was paralyzed and she could not move. She definitely did not expect her life to take that turn.

What researchers say

According to a recently published study the stroke incident declined for both men and women between the years 1999-2005. Afterwards between the years 2005-2010, only stroke rates on men declines, while women rates remained the same.

The main risk factors which could trigger strokes are obesity, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, diabetes. Dr. Kathryn Rexrode from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital warns that obesity and diabetes are very high risk factors for stroke.

Hardeman starts her long journey to recovery

Diana Hardeman started her long journey to recover and she managed to walk again and go to work. She owns an ice cream business. When she finally thought the worst was over, she experienced a second stroke.

The case was in depth explored by doctors who found she had a small hole in her heart and fixed it.

Just like most of us, Diane thought that strokes happen to older people and not to people who are young, active and with a healthy life style.

Advice for those who experience a stroke

Stroke symptoms include face drooping, arm weakness and speech difficulty. If you experience this kind of features then it is time to call for an ambulance.


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