Back Pains and Newest Health Conditions Behind It

Back Pains and Newest Health Conditions Behind It

Everyone experienced back pain at least a couple of times and it is not pleasant. Most of us do not go to the doctor and wait patiently until the pain goes away. Although it is a common condition, those who suffer from back pain should seek medical advice if they experience other symptoms as well such as sudden weight loss or struggles to urinate.

Symptoms to be on the lookout for

Apart from back pain, which should go away in a couple of weeks, people should also pay attention to other symptoms which could hide severe medical conditions.  Some of those symptoms include tingling around the genital area, numbness, fever and others such as loss of bladder or bowel control, chest pain or back swelling.

Some of the most common medical conditions behind back pains are an injury, sciatica or a slipped disk.

Back pain is pretty common

According to experts, back pains are very common and they should not make us worry if no other symptoms are experienced and if the pain goes away in a time frame of two weeks to two months. Only 2% of patients experience medical treatment.

Some advice to heal back pain includes prevention by good posture, staying active to relieve symptoms and doing exercise such as yoga, swimming, Pilates and such. Helpful is also the use of cold and hot compression.

An adult should do around 150 minutes of exercise a week and also be very careful when lifting heavy objects.

There are many exercises available to relieve back pain and those interested can visit a gym or even look online for tips and tricks. Back pains are also frustrating because they limit our bodies and the relief does not come as fast as compared to other pains such as headaches for example.

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