Animals Are Shapeshifting To Cope With Global Warming

Animals Are Shapeshifting To Cope With Global Warming

Global warming is happening, and we are part of it. This has made all species more vulnerable, and some are struggling more than others. Some animals are able to survive in the changing climate while others are struggling. The ones that are struggling most are those that live in tropical and subtropical regions.

“A lot of the time when climate change is discussed in mainstream media, people are asking ‘can humans overcome this?’, or ‘what technology can solve this?’. It’s high time we recognized that animals also have to adapt to these changes, but this is occurring over a far shorter timescale than would have occurred through most of evolutionary time. The climate change that we have created is heaping a whole lot of pressure on them, and while some species will adapt, others will not,” bird researcher Sara Ryding.

Some animals with warm blood are starting to change their form and acquire bigger beaks and legs so that their body temperatures can be better regulated when the globe becomes warmer. A study of these alterations by bird Researcher Sara Ryding from Deakin University in Australia was published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution this week.

Ryding said that climate change is an increasingly complicated and diverse phenomenon. Thus only one reason for the shapeshift is hard to identify. However, these modifications have taken place in vast geographical areas and across a varied range of species. Thus little is in common save the climatic change.

Shapeshifting does not indicate that animals endure global warming and that everything is okay, according to Ryding. It just implies that animals evolve to survive, it is not certain what are the additional environmental repercussions whether all animals will survive and adapt.

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