An Economic Recovery Might Be Boosted by Good News Regarding the Delta Variant

An Economic Recovery Might Be Boosted by Good News Regarding the Delta Variant

Our current outlook shows some hope. The United States economy is gradually improving, and that may be helped by fighting the delta variant of COVID-19, an infectious variant of the virus that has begun to threaten the world. There are reasons to believe that we already reached the peak of the Delta surge, and cases appear to increase at a slower rate.

“The percent increases in cases and hospitalizations are declining each week, indicating progression towards a nationwide peak. While a few days later than predicted, the Southern states that were initially hardest hit by the delta variant appear to be peaking or have peaked,” explained health policy research analyst Chris Meekins.

The Delta variant outbreaks have slowed down the economic reopening, but as the rate of increase for infections slows down, the economy appears to gradually recover as well. Comparing data shows that the recreation numbers are going up, even if they haven’t recovered completely. Workplace mobility and transit stations have not yet recovered to their pre-pandemic levels.

When it comes to the impact of the Delta variant, financial economist Aneta Markowsa declared that she “wouldn’t call it significant. I think it’s moderate and, in many cases, very localized. It’s really just causing a loss of momentum rather than pronounced economic weakness, and there is a good chance that it will be pretty short-lived.”

Many medical experts believe that the number of delta infections should peak soon during the fall season. As of Friday, foot and retail web traffic has reached almost normal levels. Even in the case of the most affected states, the number of Delta cases is going down. The list includes Louisiana, Maine, California, Florida, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Arkansas. Moreover, the curve appears to be flattening in states such as Washington or South Dakota.

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