Alzheimer’s Can Kick in if You Don’t Have a Reasonable Sleeping Schedule

Alzheimer’s Can Kick in if You Don’t Have a Reasonable Sleeping Schedule

Perhaps everybody knows that not getting enough sleep isn’t good for our health, but a new study reveals that sleeping too much is also dangerous. We know that it’s extremely tempting to hug that pillow tight and relax for many hours during the weekend, but you should definitely be careful at least not to turn it into a habit.

The new study that USA TODAY writes about reveals that there has to be a healthy balance in our sleeping patterns. If we sleep for only a maximum of six hours per night, our bodies will produce elevated levels of the beta-amyloid protein. Such proteins accumulating can form amyloid plaques, meaning strong indicators of Alzheimer’s disease.

You should sleep between seven and eight hours per night

Sleeping too much per night is also a bad idea, as the new study claims that sleeping for over nine hours can increase body mass index, cognitive decline, and also depression symptoms.


The study surely poses reliability, considering only the fact that it implied the study of 4,417 men and women aged between 65 and 85 years old. The study was also conducted across 67 sites from the US, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

Joseph Winer, who is the head researcher of the new study, declared as quoted by USA TODAY:

This study is unique because we found that you can’t just make a blanket statement that all bad things happen to short and long sleepers.

Alzheimer’s disease is known as a leading cause of death, and it’s also pretty costly to treat it. Furthermore, we must not forget that it attacks our intelligence and memory, which are practically the most important things we have in life.

The new study was published in the JAMA Neurology journal.

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