Alcohol Consumption Deteriorates Health and Increases The Risk of Death

Alcohol Consumption Deteriorates Health and Increases The Risk of Death

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption and its intake, even in small amounts, produces adverse effects on the body. An extensive review recently published in The Lancet confirms this and concludes that alcohol consumption deteriorates health and increases the risk of death from different causes.

Alcohol consumption – worse health and zero benefits

After analyzing data from more than 590 studies and more than 600 data sources on individual and gross alcohol consumption. This review that evaluated the impact of alcohol at different ages from 1990 to 2016 concluded that in 2016 alcohol consumption was the seventh risk factor for death for all ages, and is the main risk factor for mortality in the population between 15 and 49 years in 2016.

In the population over 50, a large percentage of deaths attributable to alcohol due to cancer were observed. About 30% of cancers in women were caused by high alcohol consumption, while only 20% of men develop the disease because of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption – Harmful regardless of the quantity

Having a small drink on a daily basis or even occasional alcohol consumption is detrimental to health.

The consumption of alcohol that minimized the risk was zero, which once again justifies the recommendation to reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages to the minimum possible since there is no safe or beneficial dose for the body as even a drink a day or occasional consumption can produce negative consequences on the body.

Alcohol consumption – Deteriorates health and increases the risk of death

Although it is one of the most detrimental causes to human health, alcohol consumption remains a widespread habit.

Globally, alcohol consumption is associated with damaged health and increased risk of death from all causes, especially cancer. Therefore, if we want to prevent this and other diseases, it is advisable to reduce as much as possible the intake of alcoholic beverages.


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