A Woman who Confused her Stomach Symptoms with Food Poison was Diagnosed with Cancer

A Woman who Confused her Stomach Symptoms with Food Poison was Diagnosed with Cancer

For a long time, 33-year-old Diana Zepeda thought her GI symptoms were caused by stress and the eating routine.

How it all started

Diana Zepeda, 34, began encountering what appeared to be random diarrhea two years back, however, credited it to her eating regimen and stress. She worked extended periods and regularly ate from food trucks and delivery.
She stated that she thought that she shouldn’t have eaten a sushi that stayed in somebody’s car for about 40 minutes.

In any case, the symptoms were still there. By January 2017, she saw blood in her stool and the diarrhea was occurring each other day. In any case, she reprimanded her way of life. At long last, when the indications ended up unmanageable, Zepeda went to gastroenterologist Dr Jessica Korman.

Korman, who is with Capital Digestive Care in Washington, ran blood tests and tested Zepeda’s stool. Tests uncovered she had E. coli and Korman endorsed antibiotics for five days. The solution didn’t help.

Her symptoms didn’t show signs of improvement — they even got worse.

After more tests, her specialist planned a colonoscopy. The genuine issues started when Zepeda was preparing for the procedure. She ended up sick and had extreme stomach issues and nothing came out. She couldn’t stop vomiting.

Since the prep didn’t work, Zepeda was given a sigmoidoscopy, a partial colonoscopy. There was a tumour hindering her colon. A biopsy uncovered the shocking diagnosis: Zepeda had stage 4 colon tumour.

She stated that she was unquestionably in dismay and that she didn’t have a family history.

This is stressing specialists

Zepeda is a piece of a developing pattern that has been concerning specialists: the expansion of individuals developing colon cancer under 50. Individuals under 50 are four times more inclined to be determined to have colon tumour than they were in 1990.


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