A U.S. “Super Strain” Of Gonorrhea Can Resist Numerous Antibiotics

A U.S. “Super Strain” Of Gonorrhea Can Resist Numerous Antibiotics

Health authorities said Thursday that they had discovered the first instance of a so-called “super strain” of gonorrhea in the United States, causing more alarm that a post-antibiotic age is imminent.

Health authorities in Massachusetts said in a press statement that one detected case had responded well to ceftriaxone, an antibiotic indicated for treating the condition. A spokesman for the state’s public health department told Fortune that the virus was cleared up without a dosage that was twice as high as the one advised by the CDC.

The newly discovered strain was resistant to penicillin and only partially susceptible to three other classes of antibiotics. The state health agency said in a Thursday notice to physicians that this is the first occurrence in the United States in which all suggested medications were either less effective than expected or wholly unsuccessful.

The instance highlights the fact that gonorrhea strains in the United States are growing less susceptible to medications, health authorities said in a statement.

There is growing concern among specialists that the United States is facing a “hidden pandemic” of sexually transmitted diseases.

The number of reported cases of gonorrhea increased by 131% between 2009 and 2021, according to experts in public health. The CDC reports that although STD transmission rates in the United States dropped in the first few months of the epidemic, they spiked in the second half of the year, with gonorrhea and syphilis infections finally approaching 2019 levels.

Massachusetts health authorities have highlighted the detection of a gonorrhea strain that is similar to the one previously discovered there but is less susceptible to ceftriaxone and another drug. Recent reports of a similar instance emerged from Nevada, where the strain was still susceptible to several antibiotics.

Officials in Massachusetts have confirmed the spread of a unique strain of a respiratory illness that has been documented in the Asia-Pacific region and the United Kingdom in recent years. It’s quite similar to a case that occurred in Nevada a while back, albeit that strain was still responsive to at least one kind of antibiotic.

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