A Significant Part of These Patients Hospitalized for COVID Manifested Serious Neurological Problems

A Significant Part of These Patients Hospitalized for COVID Manifested Serious Neurological Problems

Let’s face it: way too many people still refuse to take COVID seriously, even if they develop symptoms that qualify for a lot more than just ‘mild.’ But as soon as your condition requires hospitalization, it should be clear to you that the coronavirus could be serious or even lethal.

More than 6 million people across the world died because of COVID, according to worldometers.info. Most of them were reported by the USA: over a million souls. Brazil comes second with over 660,000 people who died because of the virus.

These stats should make us all act precautious. But yet again, there’s another concern regarding COVID.

Study on over 16,000 COVID patients reveals 13% of them developped serious neurological issues

According to The Jerusalem Post, a new massive study has found that 13% of some patients hospitalized for the coronavirus have also manifested neurological symptoms. The most common was encephalopathy upon admission, but other issues such as seizure, stroke, and meningitis/encephalitis were also found.

However, new studies are needed. Here’s what Dr. Anna Cervantes-Arslanian stated, the author of the study, as The Jerusalem Post quotes:

Given the association of neurologic manifestations with poorer outcomes, further study is desperately needed to understand why these differences occur and what can be done to intervene.

The same doctor said the following, as EurrekAlert! quotes:

Our findings show that encephalopathy at hospital admission is present in at least one in 10 patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection, while stroke, seizures and meningitis/encephalitis were much less common at admission or during hospitalization.

Encephalopathy refers to damage to a person’s brain or disease that affects it. The outcome is the patient acting in a completely different way than before or becoming confused. 

The new study was peer-reviewed and published in the ‘Critical Care Explorations’ journal.


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