A New Research Report Shows that Cancer Death Rates Are Constantly Dropping in the United States

A New Research Report Shows that Cancer Death Rates Are Constantly Dropping in the United States

According to a new American Association for Cancer Research report, more U.S. citizens are surviving cancer than ever before!

As it turns out, the number of cancer survivors in the country has increased by over a million in the last three years!

The association also says that there is a total of 18 million cancer survivors in the United States and the number’s expected to reach 26 million by 2040.

Other data points out that in 1971, there were only three million cancer survivors in the U.S.

In fact, the 5 year survival rate for all cancers has increased from 49 percent at that time, to almost 70 percent between 2011 and 2017, when the most recent data is available.

And the overall cancer death rate continues to drop, the association stating that almost 3.5 million cancer deaths have been avoided only between 1991 and 2019.

The AACR Cancer Progress Report 2022 released earlier this week points out that this positive decline in cancer-caused deaths is mainly due to a decline in smoking and also medical improvements when it comes to diagnosing and also treating cancer early on.

The president of the association, Dr. Lisa Coussens, also says that investment in treatment and just understanding the disease better should also be credited.

“Targeted therapies, immunotherapy, and other newer therapeutic approaches being applied clinically stem from fundamental discoveries in basic science. Investment in cancer science, as well as more support for science education at all of its levels, is essential to drive the next wave of discoveries and of accelerate progress,” she states.

Unfortunately, the association also says that over 600,000 people in the country are expected to lose the battle with cancer only this year.

Their report adds that “the number of new cancer cases diagnosed each year is expected to reach nearly 2.3 million by 2040.”

U.S. Rep. Nikema Williams said at the conference that she learned “health care in America is not a human right yet” following her own mother’s loss to cancer.

The Democrat explained that “We have two health care systems in this country: one for people who can afford preventative services and quality treatment and one for everyone else,” making it very clear that the United States needs a better healthcare system for all.


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