A Man Contracts New ‘Super Gonorrhea’ Strain That’s Resistant to Many Antibiotics After Having Unprotected Sex

A Man Contracts New ‘Super Gonorrhea’ Strain That’s Resistant to Many Antibiotics After Having Unprotected Sex

Even when love is in the air, having unprotected sex is generally very risky. Not being able to keep it in your pants in the right situation can even be life-threatening. The most dangerous STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases) are arguably AIDS and syphilis.

Gonorrhea is another feared STD, and it can even kill the patient in relatively rare cases. Most cases lead to symptoms such as infertility, painful testicles, pain when the person pees, and more. Treatment implies the use of antibiotics. But unfortunately, there is at least one so-called ‘super-gonorrhea’ strain out there that can be resistant to most of the antibiotics that are used to treat gonorrhea.

Austrian man contracts the new ‘super gonorrhea’ strain

Insider reveals the unusual case of an Austrian man in his 50s, whose identity wasn’t revealed, who got infected with a new gonorrhea strain after having unprotected sex abroad with a female sex worker in Cambodia. This strain is resistant to many antibiotics that are normally used to treat gonorrhea, which qualifies it to be called a ‘super gonorrhea’ strain.

A few days after the man’s sexual encounter with the woman, he had to deal with discharge eliminated by his penis and pain while peeing.

The disease proved to be resistant to antibiotics used to treat gonorrheas, such as cefotaxime, ciprofloxacin, azithromycin, ceftriaxone, cefixime, and tetracycline.

Co-amoxiclav is what appeared to have treated the man’s gonorrhea. He was initially treated with azithromycin and ceftriaxone, meds that have gotten rid of his symptoms. However, he still had gonorrhea.

The case of the Austrian man is not entirely new, however. A similar strain of gonorrhea resistant to common treatment was detected in a few countries a few years ago as well.

The big fear now is that if such unusual strains keep spreading, the medical world will be useless when it comes to many cases of gonorrhea. Doctors wouldn’t be able to treat the disease anymore.

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