A Genetic Disorder Killed An Athlete After Following High Protein Diet

A Genetic Disorder Killed An Athlete After Following High Protein Diet

At the age of only 25 years old, Meegan Hefford, an Australian bodybuilder was recently found unconscious in her house from Mandurah, Australia. Neither of her relatives and close friends knew what happened to her at that time because she always seemed healthy, never showing any signs of unusual symptoms.

Just a few days later, Australia News 7 announced Meegan’s death. After the unexpected events, her family began to learn the causes of her premature death. It appears that Meegan Hefford suffered from a genetic disorder that wasn’t very common. The disease and the high-protein diet she was following weren’t a good combination at all, because her body wasn’t able to metabolize high protein food properly.

Urea cycle disorder is a very rare disease that killed Meegan and other people. She didn’t show any signs of having this illness and, of course, she didn’t test for it. But after a while she started feeling bad, her mother, Michelle White, says, and soon she became unconscious. This was the moment when everybody started realizing that something is wrong.

Meegan’s mother found out more about who is to blame in the case of her daughter’s death. Michelle White went to Meegan’s apartment and once she discovered a diet plan and the protein supplements, she understood that her daughter was preparing for another bodybuilding competition. She used to do that but nobody knew where this will take her.

Michelle still thinks that the supplements caused her daughter’s death. Meegan’s recent symptoms that include vomiting and tiredness, can be easily mistaken and anyone who has these symptoms might think they have the flu, rather than a rare condition. Probably this was Meegan’s case as well.

Even though there isn’t yet a cure for urea cycle disorder, people should live a balanced life and do everything with caution, including getting tested on a regular basis.

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