A Better Way to Heal Scoliosis is Being Tested

A Better Way to Heal Scoliosis is Being Tested

A surgery performed by a spinal surgeon from Halifax says that this procedure will dramatically change the traditional treatment of scoliosis. A teenager traveled all the way from Ontario to get this surgery performed, and she says she has never felt this good in a long time.

Her name is Jessica Robb of Westover, and she is the lucky 14-year-old who is part of the six patients to get this revolutionary surgery. Weeks after the surgery she was improving day by day.

She affirms nine months ago about the surgery which made her participation in sports possible “I felt a little straighter. I was still in pain a little bit after, but I felt a lot better than I did before.”

The only institution in North America which performs such an operation (the ApiFix procedure) is the IWK Hospital in Halifax. Since then, its results have been supervised by a lot of surgeons across North America.

By the age of seven, Jessica was already diagnosed with scoliosis which translates into a curvature of the spine which often occurs just ahead of puberty during the growth spurt. Since then her treatment consisted of the wear of a brace for 20 hours a day, but it did not stop her spine to curve at 50 percent.

Her mother, Tracy Robb says”Her lungs were being restricted by her rib cage twisting.” She mentioned that the range of her daughter’s activities was restrained “All the things she loved doing, she wasn’t able to do. She was also experiencing pain.”

Her previous physicians suggested the more invasive procedure, the fusion therapy which consists in the insertion of 15 and 20 screws to fuse rods to the spine.

However, Tracy Robb did not stop believing, and after a period of research, she decided to try the ApiFix in Nova Scotia.

After being treated by doctor Dr. Ron El-Hawary, Jessica says she can now breathe without relying on her puffers. She is also the happiest about not having to wear her brace again.

“I have no more pain anymore, which is really nice.”


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