8 Strange Things That Increase The Risk Of Having A Heart Attack

8 Strange Things That Increase The Risk Of Having A Heart Attack

If you thought that heart disease can only be caused by stress, lack of exercise, fast food or bad genes, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are more factors that could cause you a heart attack. Some of them might sound strange, but they all have something in common: they increase the risk of heart disease. Here are the most unusual reasons that could get you sick.

  • Antibiotics – A study showed a few years back that the antibiotic called azithromycin was linked to heart disease. They didn’t have enough evidence to stop it from being prescribed to patients, but there are doctors who choose to replace it with other substance.
  • Infection – When you have a respiratory infection, the chances of getting a heart attack are highly increased by the fact that infections and inflammations can trigger a stroke.
  • Psoriasis – Usually psoriasis appears when the patient is overweight, smokes and has an unhealthy style of life. The disease is basically an inflammation of the skin and it can also trigger a stroke.
  • Broken Hearts – A broken heart can literally damage your heart tissues, study says.
  • Living in Big Cities – A study showed that those who live in bigger cities have a higher risk of getting a heart disease than those who live in a more peaceful area.
  • Depression – Those who are stressed and depressed are more likely to have a heart attack. Patients who get treatment for their heart disease have a bigger chance of getting better as long as they have a healthy attitude.
  • Diabetes – Diabetes increases the risk of having a heart attack by four times, in comparison to those who have heart issues but don’t suffer from this disease also.
  • Cholesterol – There are two types of cholesterol. If the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) drops too low, the chances of having a heart attack increases.


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