8 Million People Impacted by a Strain on d, as NHS Leaders Reported

8 Million People Impacted by a Strain on d, as NHS Leaders Reported

A total of roughly 8 million people in England with mental health problems can’t get advanced help because they are deemed not sick enough to qualify, as NHS leaders announced as the toll of the pandemic is still ranking up numbers.

The figure is an estimate made by mental health trusts and NHS Providers, and it accentuates the gap between the rising necessity for care for anxiety, depression, and other similar health problems, plus the organization’s ability to threaten them.

In addition to the official NHS mental health care waiting list, which registers a total of 1.6 million people. Out of those, 374,000 are younger than 18.

“These estimates are dismaying. It is deeply concerning that around 8 million people are struggling with their mental health but are unable to access care because they are not yet deemed to be unwell enough,” said Saffron Cordery, the deputy chief executive of NHS Providers, which accounts for England’s 54 specialist mental health trusts.

She explained that the numbers show how, unfortunately, NHS Mental health services recorded considerable improvements but are still unable to provide the care and support the citizens so desperately need.

“Behind every one of those 8 million is an individual who would benefit from treatment. This is the treatment gap we urgently need to close,” she added.

Cordery also mentioned that services were overstretched prior to the pandemic and explained how the pandemic led to new requirements and extra challenges, which, to put it simply, means that demand far exceeds supply.

In return, people must wait for longer and be more unwell before they get access to proper treatment, and the mental health services are put under intense pressure.

Among the eight million citizens, there are people suffering from bipolar disorder, psychosis, and mental health problems related to pregnancy and childbirth, plus those who experienced suicidal thoughts or even ended up harming themselves.


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