8 Hints Given By The Body When There’s Something Wrong

8 Hints Given By The Body When There’s Something Wrong

As is well known, prevention is better than treatment, so it is important to know when the body sends us some warnings.

Your waist is over 80 centimeters

If you notice the waist is more than 80 centimeters, you should go see a doctor. It can be a sign of diabetes. If growth in the waist comes together with severe fatigue and weak concentration, it really means there is a serious problem with the body.

Yellow spots around the eyes

Such spots are the result of fat accumulated under the skin. They also signal high cholesterol and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dark circles around the eyes

Apart from the fact that there is evidence of sleepless nights, many people do not know that this may be the symptom of allergies. They are also accompanied by a constant itch.

Itchy feet

If you have itchy legs constantly, this can mean that you may have a fungal infection. It can also be the sign of the appearance of eczema.

Cracks in the corner of the mouth

This symptom is not only painful, it also indicates iron and vitamin B deficiency. That’s why eating eggs, meat and salad is important.

Severe irritation of the skin

If you cannot get rid of them with creams, it may be a sign of celiac disease. People suffering from this disease are intolerant to gluten.

Hair thinning

This symptom can tell us something about the deficiency of iron, but also about some disorders of the thyroid gland. Iron deficiency in the body leads to anemia and hair loss.

Fragile nails

And in this case, it may be a problem with thyroid functioning, but also with the appearance of fungus. In the event of a serious illness, the symptoms may be accompanied by skin irritation, tiredness and joint pain.


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