5 Tips to Increase Productivity in Your Dental Practice

5 Tips to Increase Productivity in Your Dental Practice

The most successful dental practices are those that operate efficiently and have workflow management and other vital systems in place to help them stay on track. Unfortunately, though, they often struggle to implement those systems because there are two distinct units that need to figure out how to work together cohesively. Only when the operations and office management units are both running efficiently can dental offices see an increase in productivity.

Keep reading to discover some helpful tips to increase productivity in your dental practice. But first read more here about LPN programs if you ever considered starting a career in nursing.

Establish a Dress Code

A dress code may not seem like something that would maximize efficiency, but it is. Having a clear dress code ensures that no one wastes time by showing up for work wearing something completely inappropriate. It also provides an opportunity for you to choose workwear for your employees that will enable them to carry the supplies they need for the day. When searching for the perfect scrubs for everyone, be sure to keep comfort and durability in mind. Also, look for scrubs that have plenty of pockets.

Consider the supplies that your team members need to carry with them throughout the day, and make sure there is enough space for everything.

Stress the importance of footwear. While you probably won’t require your staff to wear a specific pair of shoes, you can help employees keep comfortable in supportive footwear by recommending styles that are great for people who are on their feet all day.

Streamline Communications

In most cases, the first interaction a patient will have with your practice will take place on the phone. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that your staff is trained on how to answer calls and how to address any issues that may arise. They need to be trained in basic sales, too, to ensure that they know how to overcome objections and convince a potential patient to book an appointment.

Take steps to improve communication between the front desk and the back-office staff. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and prevent important information from slipping between the cracks. There is plenty of modern technology to help with this. Customer service management software programs, for example, make it easy for information to be accessed from anywhere in the office and ensure that accurate information is available to anyone who needs it. Making use of these systems is extremely efficient and can help you save time and increase productivity.

Use a Digital Employee Scheduling System

If you are still using a paper calendar to schedule employees, you are wasting a lot of time that could be spent doing something else. Upgrading to a digital employee scheduling system saves time and allows you to quickly make and track changes. It also provides an easy way for employees to see open shifts, request time off, and much, much more.

Implementing a digital scheduling system saves time for the person who is in charge of scheduling and enables employees to have more control over their own time. In turn, these systems can improve the efficiency and productivity of everyone in your organization.

Incorporate a Bonus System

Incorporating some type of bonus system is a great way to encourage the members of your staff to stay on track. Many facilities have systems that reward employees for things like punctuality, hitting certain targets, or even following the rules regarding the dress code. The reward can be something large, like a cash bonus or a gift card, or it can be something smaller, like a pizza party for the office if everyone hits certain targets within a specified time frame.

Offering even a small reward is a great way to encourage everyone to stay on track and do what they are supposed to be doing. Doing so also ensures that everyone feels appreciated for the work they do, which can go a long way toward helping improve productivity. Appreciated workers are productive workers.

Make Sure the Office Is Designed for Efficiency

The layout of your dental practice is more important than you may realize. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, of course, but it should also be laid out in a manner that maximizes efficiency.

For starters, the registration area should be open and welcoming to help patients feel more comfortable. A spacious and comfortable waiting room is important, too. When devising the layout for office space, ensure that there is plenty of space for dentists to do their work and to review patient files privately.

Make sure that there is space for backend and support staff, too, and ensure that that space is also accessible to other staff members. All work areas should flow together in a cohesive manner, and there should be room for everyone to move around throughout their shift without bumping into each other or getting into each other’s way.

It may take a bit of a financial investment, but improving the layout of your dental practice can make a huge difference in terms of productivity. If you are thinking about doing a remodel, talk to your employees to find out what problem areas they would like to see addressed, and ask them for their input regarding how they think the new space should be laid out.


Increasing productivity in your dental practice will lead to a better experience for your patients and can improve your bottom line. By implementing the tips listed above, you can cut back on wasted time and help your office run more smoothly. Even a small change can drastically improve productivity, so there is no reason to wait to get started. Start making small changes today, and you will likely see big improvements in the future!


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